Database of Articles and Websites on the Privatisation of Education

Sussex Against Privatisation Occupation

– Sussex Uni student TV on the anti-privatisation occupation: …!

– Sussex occupation offers a glimpse of future struggles – good article on university privatisation and the response:

– Video on the reasons for the Sussex Uni anti-privatisation occupation and the 100s joining it yesterday:

– Mark Steel great speech at Sussex Uni in support of anti-privatisation occupation

– The Sussex Uni anti-privatisation occupation has its own Zine – called Anti-Privazine!

– Statement from Sussex occupiers against privatisation

– Solidarity Statement on current occupation,

– Letter to Staff at the University of Sussex from the Sussex Uni students occupying over outsourcing:

Media coverage

– Articulate informed+detailed explanations by Sussex Uni students for their occupation over outsourcing, radio free brighton: …

– Kerem – As the Sussex Uni occupation shows, Government may see – education as a market, but students do not

– Sussex student protest gathers momentum as Peter Capaldi, Caroline Lucas and Tariq Ali offer support

 – THE –

– Sussex sit-in gathers celebrity support

– Independent –

– Mark Steel, yet another voice in support of Sussex Uni occupation against privatisation:

– Pressure grows on Sussex Uni management as 100s of students join occupation against privatisation:

– Argus –

– Guardian –

– Anti-capitalists –

– BBC News –

– BBC News –

Support statements

– Caroline Lucas –

– Video of Caroline Lucas at Sussex Occupation 14 February 2013 –

– USSU page with statements of support –

– Deceptacon video from Bramber House Occupation –

– Deceptacon video from Holland –

Outsourcing at Sussex

– Sussex unions tell Uni Council of risks of privatisation, flawed management process + the alternative

– Unis moving from academic critical communities to managerialism research+admissions run on private business models

Campus unions, staff and students, question outsourcing at Sussex Uni:

– Adriano on Uni of Sussex privatisation:

– Privatisation at Sussex Uni in the national context: …

– Maia – Sussex students mobilise to fight against outsourcing of their university.

– Sussex Students’ Union say Sussex Uni outsourcing plans show “blatant disregard” for their students …

– Protest at Sussex Uni against outsourcing that leads to cuts in pay pensions and services

– Unions left in the dark over Sussex Uni outsourcing plans …

Anger at privatisation plans for University of Sussex (From The Argus) …

– Petition to save Sussex services –

Privatisation of HE in the UK

– The Shadow State: A report about outsourcing of public services (Social Enterprise UK / Zoe Williams) –

Outsourcing of academic and student services at Falmouth University:

– The marketisation of universities leads to increased spending on marketing and less on students and education:

– University of London outsourced workers have worse pensions and shorter holidays –

– Outsourcing: the winners are private equity+shareholders, the losers the low-paid+vulnerable + in the end we all pay

Outsourcing in the UK today:

– The problems with for-profit HE: IOE London Blog …

– Firm that owns UK’s 1st for-profit uni will have say in controlling the institution’s academic authority

– University shifts staff to private firm so they can cut their pay and holidays:

– Salford UnI VC says that govt changes to universities favour private benefit over public good and increase elitism:

Good overview of privatisation and marketisation of UK HE, consequences for inequality, and economic dysfunctionality, by John Holmwood

UCU report on private equity funds taking over post-secondary education – public service or portfolio investment?

– London Met study – University outsourcing: this paper examines the promises of cost savings and better quality and finds them unproven. …

– McGettigan important overview on the government’s plans for privatising universities – support services but also education itself

– Critical Education blog of Andrew McGettigan, leading expert on Uni privatisation –

– One of the best articles on the privatisation of universities, a searing piece from the day fees were introduced: Finlayson on Open Democracy

– The marketisation of higher education, and its implications, useful informative interview with McGettigan: …

– From February 2012: the game is rigged, Tory plans for privatised higher education …

– Fighting for the Public University, unions, students and lessons from Chile and Quebec:

– On the privatisation of universities – …

– The privatisation of the English University –

– What future for education? by Luke Cooper

– It’s not just the tuition fees, an overview on privatisation and outsourcing in UK higher education …

– UCU asks Public Accounts Committee for an inquiry into the trebling of taxpayers’ money going to private HE providers:

– Head of UK’s first private uni, Buckingham, says unis should be charities not for-profits dependent on shareholders and he says the USA shows why: …

– UK universities: will the public good yield to private profit?

– Holmwood, the entry of for-profit providers in HE is happening without debate. It will lead to elitism + won’t benefit students:

– The privatisation of universities report – Foot in the Door: Profit and Public Education: …

– More and more taxpayers money being spent on private for-profit providers taking over higher education: …

– College of Law gains university title. Recent university privatisation. …

– The privatisation of post-92 universities: …

– HE for-profits want public funds so they can use them to pursue private gain + undermine education for public benefit: …

– Lancashire university could go private: …

– HE reforms are about privatisation of universities + increasing class inequality and the student movement should say so:

– Willetts held 12+ meetings with for-profit education firms before publishing his plans for university reform:

– Govt promoting tax avoidance so subsidised private providers can undermine HE that is for the public good not profit: …

– The makeup of the CBDU is elitist. But the market and managerialism they criticise is devastating universities: …

– Privatisation in HE, fears over ‘risky’ private enterprise at University of Gloucestershire: …

– Universities should be about education and free enquiry not marketisation and authoritarian management: …

– Willetts says the privatisation and marketisation of HE is based on evidence. It’s not but is ideological

– Private equity firms will buy out universities or departments and run them for profit changing the whole meaning of HE: …

– For-profit London School of Business says privatise and break up university sector, copying telecoms privatisation: …

– Willetts says business schools should withdraw their income from supporting courses of social and educational value: …

– The deliberate ideological marketisation of universities and how it will shrink the sector and increase inequality

– Reason for uni fees is not that it saves money. It’s that it allows for education driven by profit not the public good

– Critical, public, accessible intellectuals versus the marketised top-down university: …

– How Unison fought privatisation at London Metropolitan University:

– Government reforms to fees and loans will cost more than admitted and than the previous system they replaced: …

– Univ figures predict segregation, privatisation, 15k fees, loss of international and poor students for future of UK HE …

– Method of collecting data underestimates number of poor put off by higher UK university fees:

– Lib Dems favour more privatisation of universities: …

– Market-driven education is destroying university values. So march Oct 20th.

– The failure of subcontracting in further education:

– Academics say tuition fees will price working class students out of higher education

– Marking our opposition to the new system in UK Higher Education – Petition …

– Sheff Uni set up subsidiary to pay workers less and avoid unions, then bans coverage of it from the campus:

– The elitism and inequalities of privatised higher education, New College of Humanities:

– LondonMet under threat from redundancies, privatisation and UKBA is the university with the most working class students …

– A university can be run as a community by people with inside knowledge of what it’s about and without market values

– Fee increase will mean more cash spent on marketing, not efforts to improve the student experience, THE debate:

– Academic freedom, criticism and social usefulness undermined by marketisation, state and elitism of academia itself –

– Publicly funded free education, access for the poor, for the public good, not privatisation, competition, deregulation, Scotland

– To hell with the Gradgrinds, go to university, enjoy your studies, and whatever you do, don’t let them win by Laurie Penny ––go-to-university-8050313.html …

– Privatisation of UK universities in the pipeline. They would be run for profit not for education or the public good:

– Need for democracy in public universities to replace consumerist surveys and private/market system:

For-profit HE in the USA

– Very good short summary of what university privatisation means: …

– What happens when university education goes for-profit:

– The failure of for-profit higher education in the USA: …

– The (further) Corporatization of Higher Education: US case, but similar pattern elsewhere …

– For profit higher education in the USA: security, shared governance and academic freedom are largely absent. …

– How the US University was killed in 5 easy steps …

Chile, Quebec, others internationally

the segregation that results from university outsourcing, South Africa experience:

strategy for fighting against austerity, lessons from Quebec:

– Profit motive is threatening higher education – …

– The future of the University lies in challenging, not adopting, free-market dogma

 The Perfect Storm for Universities:

What kind of education Chilean students want:

– No more profit’: Chilean society and education and the student movement: …

– The lesson of Classe, the Québécois student group, was that “persistent street mobilisation…eventually won”: …

– Learning from Quebec+Chile, + with the privatisation of UK HE: time for the return of the UK student movement

– The effect of privatisation of HE in in Chile, economic models, and how the protest was teachers as well as students: …

– In Chile, social protests for public education, after the sort of privatisation of education happening in the UK now: …

– The huge and long-lasting student movement in Quebec hardly gets any attention in the UK



– USSU page –

– The University and College Union are opposed to the privatisation of further and higher education:

– Campaign for the Public University –

– Council for the Defence of British Universities –


About sussex against privatization

Workers and students at the University of Sussex who are opposed to the plan to privatize 235 jobs.
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