Reinstate the Sussex Five! Week of Action

Five Sussex students have been suspended indefinitely for taking part in legal demonstrations and occupations against uni management’s privatisation plans and in support of the recent staff strike. This is an attempt by management to intimidate students from exercising their right to democratically protest. In recent weeks we have seen an occupation at Birmingham violently evicted, and the disgraceful scenes at the University of London, where protesting students were subject to shocking police violence.

Join the week of action at Sussex to reinstate the Sussex Five!


12.30pm – Rally in Library Square, with Sussex students speaking, leading into Emergency Members Meeting of the Students’ Union below.

1pm – Emergency Members Meeting of the Student Union to pass motions calling for Student Walk Out on Tuesday 10th in support of Sussex Five and other actions (this needs 450 students present to have decision making power, so please all students come along!)

6pm – Defend the Right to Protest Open Meeting to discuss the crackdown on student democracy at Sussex and how to fightback against it, with Alfie Meadows (a student nearly killed by police at student protest then charged with violent disorder), Ian Bradley (electrician in successful fight against 35% wage cuts and in campaign against blacklist), a Sussex student protestor, Jelena Timotijevic (convenor of Defend the Right to Protest campaign), Ellie Mae O’Hagan (Guardian journalist and activist).


Student Walk Out to Reinstate the Sussex Five – Don’t attend your lectures and seminars in support of the suspended students and to demand management to reinstate them! Come to the demonstration at 1pm in Library Square!

8.30am onwards – Education picket lines on entrances to campus and lecture theatres to encourage student not to walk out and not go to lessons, and to join the demonstration at 1pm to demand the reinstatement of the five students

1pm – Demonstration demanding the reinstatement of the Sussex Five, 1pm Library Square –

It is crucial we get as much students involved in these actions to show management that we will not tolerate unjust disciplinary action and intimidation of students, and that we demand an immediate end to the suspensions!


Students have the University of London have faced police violence and arrests for the past 3 weeks. A Sussex Students has been unjustly targeted by the police for legally demonstrating. Join the national demonstration against police violence and police on campus –


About sussex against privatization

Workers and students at the University of Sussex who are opposed to the plan to privatize 235 jobs.
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8 Responses to Reinstate the Sussex Five! Week of Action

  1. Dominic Guzman says:

    So now you plan to intimidate students attending lectures on Tuesday.

    Utterly disgraceful.

    • Oli Lipski says:

      Who said anything about intimidation! Excuse us for wanting to support those unjustifiably suspended and aren’t ALLOWED to attend lectures. Students who are wise enough to know what is going on at the moment should very well be striking on Tuesday, and those who don’t will be completely undermining the whole cause. So please forgive me for disagreeing with those who just don’t seem to give a shit about their fellow students and own wellbeing at the university! Don’t get me wrong, I want to learn and am as frustrated as most about the strike as I would love to go my seminar on Tuesday, but please let us educate people into understanding why this is so much more important. The intimidation doesn’t come from us, it’s coming from the management and without solidarity against this our fight is weak. After having received so much support from staff and students over the past couple of days, it just proves that this is cause is strong and we hope to bring about change.

  2. Dominic Guzman says:

    And what is your cause, precisely? To ensure that those involved in assault, vandalsim and intimidation are exempt from University regulations?

    There was nothing unjustifiable about these suspensions. The only thing that’s not justifiable is that the rest of the mob are still at large on campus to commit further crimes.

  3. Gominic Duzman says:

    I bet that shit tastes good Dommy.

  4. Oli Lipski says:

    Crimes such as… What exactly are you referring to? You do realise there have been no legal charges made. These so called ‘crimes’ you refer to, Dommy, do not exist. you might want to get your facts right before ignorantly spouting shit. The occupations were legal, the management just found it annoying, and that appears to be the only reason they’re giving for the suspension.

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  6. Gavin Coastguard says:

    I never broke shit, that bitch laquonda came in and whispered JUMP! And I did

  7. Every time a blind guy bears toughness pity those that follow…. Just where ignorance is satisfaction ‘tis folly to be wise….

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