Statement of the Students’ Union on the “reinstatement” of the Sussex 5

The five students who were suspended and excluded from the University have been informed that their suspensions and exclusions from the campus have been lifted, but they still face disciplinary action.

The students were suspended by the Vice-Chancellor on Wednesday 4th December, with allegations that they posed “a threat to the safety of well being of students, staff of visitors to the University”, “a potential hazard to sustaining the University’s policies on Health and Safety”, or due to “criminal charges… pending or where the student is the subject of police investigation”.

Sussex has united behind the students, with messages of support from students and staff, a petition with over 9100 signatures, successive successful demos, and a quorate Emergency Members Meeting where students expressed their support for revoking the suspensions, tomorrow’s day of action, and for no confidence in the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group.

The fight is not over however. The students are still facing disciplinary action for which they have still not seen any evidence.

We call on all students to join in with our day of action tomorrow to send a message to the University that Sussex is united behind our students.

We see this as a helpful trend considering the crackdown on student protest nationally, but still urge all students to be united behind this cause.


About sussex against privatization

Workers and students at the University of Sussex who are opposed to the plan to privatize 235 jobs.
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4 Responses to Statement of the Students’ Union on the “reinstatement” of the Sussex 5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, hang on – they’ve been reinstated – shit now what do we protest about? Never mind, carry on regardless people.

    • Anonymous says:

      We protest for what we always have done! For the right to create a familial anecdote. Solidary forever – until the weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why do you have such wretched adverts on your site?

  3. Alabaster Codify says:

    Why don’t we just suck on each other, brothers?

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