Safe Space

Sussex against Privatisation and Austerity in Higher Education
Self conception


  • The Anti-Privatisation Campaign’s aim is to stop the privatisation of University of Sussex’s services and Austerity in Higher Education
  • To reach this aim we print and distribute informational material, host talks and meetings, organise demonstrations and rallies, and promote various forms of civil disobedience.
  • We are a collective of people and are open to everyone who share this common aim and respect this self-conception, regardless of their personal political background, religion, gender, sexual identity, and physical ability. Our limitations to participation are outlined below within our ‘Safe Space’ policy.
  • We offer solidarity with every university, campaign, group, organisation, or person who fights for the same aims as we do.
  • We call upon every party, organisation, group and person to join the struggle against privatisation of Higher Education and elsewhere.
  • We utilise a safe space within all of our meetings, events, and methods of communication.


A safe space is a physical space where everyone, regardless of their personal political background, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity, physical ability, job or knowledge, can feel safe from harassment and abuse. This includes:


Gender equality
We want everyone to be able to voice their opinion, and we strive to ensure that an equal amount of time is given to speakers of all genders.
At actions which take place over night we will, where possible, have a women’s only room in order to promote an atmosphere of safety.
We absolutely do not, under any circumstances, tolerate sexist “jokes” or speech.

Homo- and Transphobia
We will not laugh at nor degrade LGBTQIA* people and will strive to use language which is inclusive of all sexual and gender orientations.

We will not make generalizations, reproduce prejudice, or propagate prejudice based upon a person’s ethnicity.
We will not accept any form of verbal or physical racism or fascism.
We will strive to use respectful and sensitive language at all time.

Sexual Harassment and abuse
We work on the basis of the concept of consent.
We do not support any victim blaming, rape apologism, or ‘slut’ shaming, and view the crossing of consent as completely unforgivable.

We will make all our meetings and actions accessible to wheelchair users.
When needed, we will arrange a sign-language translator or any other assistance that may be required.
Please remember not all disabilities are visible and that members are free to self-identify as they choose.


In all circumstances, at all times, neither psychological nor physical violence will be tolerated.

We fully encourage free speech at all of our events. However, in order to ensure that all members of our events feel comfortable and safe, we advocate free speech within the limitations and confinements of our safe space guidelines stipulated above.

Any violation of one of these guidelines will not be tolerated; the violator will be asked to leave!


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